Monday, 2 December 2013

The cost of making money & A Gentleman and his Sheep

I'm attempting a lot of things out of my comfort to be able to do the things I want to do full time instead of as a hobby. As many of you know I'm tired of the animation industry after 20+ yrs and feel it's time for a change. Looking to get into different things. One is to simply sell my own artwork. 
       The only thing wrong with that sentence is the word 'simply'. I spent almost $500 to have three paintings photographed and set up for printing and I don't know how many hours setting up an account with Etsy to sell them on. I launched today so who knows, with some luck I'll get things sold as my popularity increases. Finally as I've mentioned before, I'm getting the idea of what they mean when they say, 'get out there'.  
       However I didn't realize that even outside of an education, supplies, etc. it costs a lot of money to try to make some money.  As scary as it sounds it's nice to know I'm learning new ways to make a living. Even if they're meagre for now, experience is priceless, and I'm getting lots of that. 

     The wonderful thing about being an artist is that you're never limited in your abilities to produce great art or a great living. As long as you realize you're never too old to learn or do anything.
  BTW below are the paintings I'm selling on Etsy for now. 
    Have had a lot of interest in them, we'll see how that interest holds when it parts with contents of ones pocket book.
 A Gentleman and his Sheep
 A Gentleman and his Sheep in the Rain
A Gentleman and his Sheep in the Snow 
 I have written a short story based on the two of them. 
It's a love story. 
But not what you're thinking.
Til then.

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  1. Haha "Not what you're thinking." Can't wait to see it!