Saturday, 30 November 2013

ROM visit

On Friday Nov, 29th I went to the Royal Ontario Museum with my first semester Illustration class from Seneca college. We drew dinosaur bones and other animals. They produced some really nice work, I look forward to continuing with them next semester. I'll see if I can post some of their work on here.
The ROM is such an invaluable source for artists, any artist who wants to excel at their craft should go as often as they can. Their artistic ability will increase immensely.
Sabertooth tiger
 (pencil and white conte on pastel paper)

Stag moose approx. 12000 yrs old
(pencil and white conte on pastel paper)
Christmas is coming so I had to attempt to sketch a reindeer.
Didn't turn out as I had hoped but better than I had at first thanks to my friend and mentor Werner Zimmermann. To see amazing art check out his blog Man4art. Well worth it.
Beautiful animal, I'll have to go back before Christmas and try again.

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